Online Counselling


Online counselling

Virtual therapy is a perfect way to get a therapist’s professional support to work through your problems particularly though you may not be physically available for a one-on-one online counselling session. Your distance does not stop you from preferring happier ways of thinking and living, maybe a few hundred kilometers away, or maybe even a continent away. We attempt to make the online counselling and therapy process as smooth for you as possible.

Online Counseling can address a range of emotional and interpersonal issues, just like regular psychotherapy. Some of them are enlisted here to help you:

Adult therapy

This includes individual online sessions and can concentrate on problems such as depression, anxiety, sex-related issues, psychosomatic disorders, eating disorders, body image problems, obsessive thoughts, excessive thinking and any other emotional, behavioral or interpersonal concern you may have.

Children’s Therapy

Several kids face many stressors at home, school and with peers today. online counselling can help parents gain insight into their child’s problems. Moreover, it will equip them to deal with them. So, read our posts on parenting for a better understanding.

Marriage Counseling

 The emphasis here is to resolve emotional/behavioral problems that may occur as a result of being in a marital partnership in one person or both partners. In individual meetings, the therapist will consult with all participants to be a facilitator of the resolution process.

Sex Counseling

 The emphasis here is on coping with sexual challenges that occur for psychological reasons. Since people don’t talk about their sexual problems easily. So, online sex therapy can be a great way to get a healthy viewpoint on your issue and fix it.

Therapy for Teenagers/Teens

 Because of their experience with using the internet to share ideas and emotions, adolescents especially take on online therapy very well. Adolescence is also an era of chaos where some empathy and support can be very helpful in realigning them with the aspirations of their lives. With the permission of the teenager, the therapist can also include parents in the conversation and may help relieve parental anxieties that are at a height during the teenage years of the child.

Online Counseling India

Here’s what you can expect? Joining us for the 1st time

During the 1st Session

  • We make a tentative diagnosis of your problem with mental health
  • We prepare a procedure for treatment unique to your problem.
  • Generally, the recovery plan outlines
  • If only therapy was required.
  • When & how to begin therapy
  • What type of therapy is needed?
  • If a psychological assessment is required or not,
  • If any medical intervention is required, too,
  • What kind of medicine is needed?
  • Period of prescription

Is there no such thing as a simple remedy?

Since denying their dilemma or not being able to deal with it for a long time, patients have entered a certain situation in life. Therefore, depending on the patient, the therapy we need can take anywhere from 1-2 counselling sessions to 10 or more.

Modifications that we see in patients


Characteristics that we see in patients as they visit us for the first time: most patients typically have a sense of unhedonia, melanocolia, hopelessness, worthlessness & helplessness.

Changes we see in patients after completing their care: patients typically feel more concentrated, enjoyed, trust level is greater after completing the treatment course, enhanced quality of life in personal, social and professional terms. Be it imagination, they will find their place in life.

Simply fill in the contact form, requesting an appointment.

You will soon receive an email from us outlining the sessions and fee structure and providing you the bank details.

You will need to wire the funds in advance through a banking transaction, depending on the number of sessions you wish to book.

Initially you may book only one consultation session, which will last up to an hour. During this session the therapist can obtain an overview of the area of concern and will then provide you with possible perspectives.

Both you and the therapist can then decide on the need for further sessions. During this session you can also assess your level of comfort with the therapist and how well the counseling is working for you.

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